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Find the answer below and solve all your queries related to our software.

Frequently Asked Question


Want to know how everything works at Genic Teams. Find the answer below and solve all your queries. You can also contact our team if your question remains unanswered.

As the expiration date of the trial comes near, we send reminders to the clients to decide whether to convert their trial into a subscribed account. In case the trial expires before you can even make a decision, we will still assist you in moving forward. You can choose to become a subscribed user of Genic Teams without losing data.

Genic Teams employ effective data encryption methods in order to store data on the server and keep it protected. In this way, you can trust us with your information and reach out to us if you lose any critical data.

The only thing you’ll need is a speedy internet connection to access our system, as Genic Teams is a cloud-based software. Other than this, there are no particular requirements.

No, you don’t have to sign any formal agreement or contract before using Genic Teams. But it is essential that you go through our Terms and Conditions, together with all the policies, so you can understand exactly how everything works at Genic Solutions.

Yes, you can download our mobile application for both iOS and Android.

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