Mobile Workforce Management Software

Manage your team of talented and skilled individuals in the most adequate and timely manner, all from a single platform using our field service management system.

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Engineer Schedule/Job Scheduling

Managing your staff schedules and tasks should not really be challenging, right? But it turns out the opposite is also a very likely possibility. If your team is located at a remote location, you can’t really expect to call everyone and tell them what they have to do every day.

On the other hand, if your business is growing and you have various teams to look after, managing every individual can be difficult. But with our support, you can move past all these problems and genuinely encompass efficiency in your business.

A single click is all you need to view major service & ticket information, including real-time job statuses & weekly plans for your field staff, history of customer service, list of unplanned jobs, etc. Simply drag-and-drop an unscheduled job against the name of the preferred field agent and input the approximate time of the job and create a new job that easily.


Workload management

Are you unable to delegate tasks properly? Do you feel away from your field team? Is there any issue in evaluating the performance of every employee? If you nodded yes to any one of the questions, then you need our workforce management software in order to channel efficiency and get rid of problems. Using Genic Team’s mobile workforce management strategies, you can allocate work to your workforce strategically by automatizing services to achieve maximum efficiency and make employees more resourceful.While becoming less reliant on verbal communication and paperwork, workforce management software can also enhance back-office productivity, assign work without any kind of overlapping, and create concise schedules.After all, you cannot take risks with the workload. Simply put, our workforce management software will help you run your business more smoothly.

Schedule management

There’s no efficiency without an efficient schedule. Deadlines are important for a business to stay on track. It may seem that scheduling tasks is the easiest operation of a business. But it can get complex especially if the workload is too much. But thanks to our schedule management feature, you can save yourself from a lot of frustration and a waste of time. With our mobile workforce management software, you can prepare a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly schedule for your employees to successfully manage your workforce’s time via our FSM app. In this way, your team can always stay on track, manage their tasks, and do everything in a smooth manner.Workforce management software can also reduce the employee turnover rate because when the employees feel that they are being managed properly, they stay motivated and happy.


Geo-fencing of zones

Technology is moving fast. It’s time you take your operations to the next levels as well. With our geo-fencing feature, you can propel your sales, engagement, and customer loyalty by creating different zones and allocating them to your specialized team. Using the power of Wi-Fi and cellular data, Genic Solution’s field service management software triggers an action when a smart device comes within a virtual boundary as set previously by the user. Depending upon how you configure the geofence, our mobile workforce management system can prompt notifications, send alerts, disable certain features, deliver marketing-related data, trigger text messages, or simply start tracking. After all, the best businesses know the power of tracking and automation.

Third Party Integration

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