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Manage Your Field Service To Satisfy Your Customers

August 28, 2021

One of the things that most companies find very difficult to manage is the field force that does service and repair for customers at their site. The companies must use the available technicians, tools, and fleet in such a way that they can serve as many customers as possible. This will help to reduce the cost of service. When the people on the field are managed properly, completion of work will also be faster. This will result in more satisfied customers. All customers want their service to be done quickly and this requires the proper use of resources by the company.

Managing the various service requests and scheduling of tasks is not possible manually. Entering these details in different spreadsheets and trying to organize all the requests is almost impossible. You are bound to miss a service or send the wrong technician for a job. Scheduling the work manually can also result in the technicians traveling unnecessarily wasting their time and fuel. It is essential to properly streamline the field operations and for this, you will need the field service management software.

What Is A Field Service Management System?

The field service management software in Singapore is very useful for scheduling the service jobs and allocating the right technician for the job. The software helps to receive the orders and organizing them and sending quotes to the customers. There is no need for manual intervention for placing the order because the customers can use their interface to directly place the request for service. The software helps to schedule the job based on the availability of technicians and the necessary spare parts.

The field service management software features include job scheduling and dispatch of the technicians to the customers. This means that every technician will be allocated to the job depending on the area and time of each job. The technicians need not waste their time traveling unnecessarily. The technicians will also get the information on their dashboard so that they can plan their visits well in advance. The parts that are required for the job can also be planned well ahead.

Use Your Technicians In The Best Way

The main advantage of the field service management system is that you will not have any dissatisfied customers. The software schedules the service requests in such a way that every customer can be attended to in the shortest possible time. You can also prevent any overlap of appointments. If done manually you may have one technician having two jobs at the same time or two technicians allotted the same job. The field services will be much more efficient when you use the app.

Your technicians will also be happy when you use the software because they will know the exact schedule for the day. They don’t even have to visit the office if everything they need is with them. The office can send the parts to the site if anything is needed. This means that the technicians will save time and avoid unnecessary travel. The less travel they do, the less strain they will have. Your technicians will be more energetic in doing the job. You can even schedule an urgent job for the technician if it is on the way and can be done in between two jobs. You will have more satisfied customers and technicians.

Pass The Right Information To The Customers

The customers are also highly benefited when the company uses the service scheduling software because they will know exactly when the technician will arrive for the job. If the job is scheduled in advance, the customers can also plan their work accordingly. If the service has to be done for a machine that they regularly use, they can plan the machine downtime and prepare themselves for the loss in production. They don’t have to call the office to know the exact time because they can see that on the app itself.

The technicians can also create the invoice on the app itself. This will mean that they can inform the customers immediately of the amount they must pay. Creating and sending invoice immediately ensure faster payment for you.


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