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Ultimate Guide to Online Appointment Scheduling

Ultimate Guide to Online Appointment Scheduling
April 1, 2022

Over the past few years, the Internet has greatly influenced the way we manage business and deal with customers. Today about 57% of the users book their appointment online because of the ease of the process. So, if you don’t have online appointment scheduling for your business then you might lose some potential clients.

The manual booking process costs you money, increases the burden on your employees, and wastes the time of your customers. On the other hand, online booking automates the process making it much more convenient, efficient, and accurate.

Don’t have appointment scheduling software for your business yet? In this blog, we will discuss everything about appointment scheduling software and how it will result in quality service, efficiency, and increased revenue.

What is Online Appointment Scheduling Software?

Online appointment scheduling software works by simplifying, automating, and streamlining the booking process for you and your customers. This software can support and handle any type of business, regardless of its size. It takes just a few minutes to make a booking, you can even integrate it with your website or other social media pages to facilitate your customers. If a user makes any changes in the information or schedule you will be notified in real-time.

With this software in place, you can get customer details, update booking information, ensure secure payment, calendar and scheduling, and much more.

Why is Online Appointment Scheduling Important?

Appointment scheduling software has become a key component for various industries, due to its benefits such as improved operational efficiency, increased customer satisfaction, and profit levels.

This software empowers both customers and employees. The customers are free to book their appointment whenever they like. Similarly, your employees will have to spend less time booking, rescheduling, and cancelling the appointments.

When you offer your customers a seamless booking process, it will increase customer satisfaction, boost up your revenue and conversions.

Advantages of Online Appointment Scheduling

Are you confused about whether you should invest in online appointment scheduling software? Below we will show how this software can benefit your business.


Gone are the days when the client had to contact the company to get a booking. As of today we have appointment scheduler software which is quite fast and automates the whole process of appointment. It also saves time for your customer service team as they no longer have to spend time answering phone calls from the clients.

Apart from wasting time, the traditional method of appointment often led to miscommunications and unwanted mistakes. With online appointment scheduling software, the client is free to make an appointment whenever they want without needing any human intervention. It is extremely crucial for your business as it keeps your employees focused on more critical tasks.

Reduce Stress

Manual booking is a complicated process that is always full of errors which lead to Unnecessary delays. This traditional method of booking is a total waste of time, money, and resources. On the other hand, online appointment scheduling software streamlines your everyday task And allows your customers to book an online appointment based on their visibility. When you have such an automated system to manage your bookings, it will reduce your stress and keep you focused on what matters.

Clients Prefer It

Clients today look for automated solutions to book an appointment to save their time, this is exactly why you need online appointment software. If you are unable to provide your clients with quick and efficient services, it will not only hurt the image of your brand but they will skip your services and look for your competitor.

Client Communication will get Easier

Online appointment scheduling will save your time, reduce stress, and make it easier for you to communicate with your clients. It takes care of all your communication with clients so you can stay focused on the growth of your business.

When a user books an online appointment, the online appointment scheduling software will automatically send them a confirmation email or text. Moreover, it will also remind them when their appointment date approaches.

How to Schedule Appointments Online

Before you start taking appointments online, you need to set up your account and optimise to make the booking process client-friendly. Make sure to activate all the features to the simplified booking process. For instance, if you turn on the feature of automated communications, then you are claimed to automatically receive a confirmation text or email.

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 Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Five Ways to Boost Your Online Appointments

As we have discussed enough online appointment scheduling, now you must be wondering how you can boost your online appointments. Let’s dive into the details and discuss the 5 most common methods that will help you with increasing your online appointments.

Market Your Online Scheduler

If you want your clients to book online appointments, then you must tell them about your online appointment scheduling software through various marketing strategies. Here is how you can inform your clients about your online booking:

Website Content

Mention your online appointment software in your blog or you can create a banner image that will appear as soon as the user visits your website.

Social Media Posts

Let your users know about your online booking services through your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. After all, there is no better platform than social media to reach the audience and generate conversions.

Email Newsletters

Staying in touch with your customers through email is a great strategy. You can use email to let your customers know about your online booking.


You can use your voicemail to promote your online appointment services.

Enlist Your Email Signature

By making changes in your email signature, you can promote your online appointment scheduling. For instance, if you add an online appointment booking link in your email signature it will be easier for your users to access it.

You can also add images to your email signatures to make them attractive.

But be careful while using this feature because not all browsers support images. So, if you want to play safe, try adding a simple link to your email.

Reward Customers Who Book Online

You can reward your customers who book online appointments, it will not only make them feel valued but also encourage them to use your online booking services much more often. For example, if you run a salon you can give a 5% discount to your clients who book their appointment online.

Search online discounts will increase your bookings, and make the whole process hassle-free.

Use Social Media to Book Appointments

Social media is a great platform to reach your target audience because it has billions of active users. These free sites are the best source for promoting your business, especially Instagram. Let’s suppose you are a hairstylist or makeup artist, then Instagram is the best platform for you to promote your services.

Here is how you can add your online booking link to your Instagram profile.

– Open your profile and click on ‘Edit profile’

– Copy your online appointment scheduling URL and paste it on ‘website’ field

– Write an engaging call to action in your bio regarding the online booking link

– Always promote your booking link to your Instagram posts

Take Advantage of Google My Business

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Google allows all business owners to create a free Google profile, providing information regarding their product or services, location, contact number, operating hours, and even reviews. It allows businesses to maintain their online presence and target audience surrounding their area.

If you are providing online booking services, then you can add your booking details in your Google My Business profile so that your clients can reach you directly through Google search. For instance, if a client searches ‘Best hair salon near me,’ Google will show them the top-rated professional salons in that area. So, if your business has a profile on ‘Google My Business’ then Google will show your business in the top searches and you might get an appointment without making any effort.


Invest in online appointment scheduling software and make your booking process efficient and hassle-free. You can save your time, provide a personalised experience to your clients, and increase the productivity of your employees through this software.

Have you made your decision to switch to online scheduling software? Get in touch with Genic Teams, as we offer customised software solutions for every business at affordable rates. We are confident that you will love our tech-driven software with powerful features. Looking forward to working with you!

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