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About Us

About Us

The boost of field work force and operational productivity that you need.

Here’s how we do it

Genic Teams is especially designed to make businesses much easier and smoother. In the rapidly changing business world, it can be difficult to keep track of all the operations, manage employees, and cater to the needs of the customers in an efficient way. Especially if your teams are located far away from you, catering to the needs of the business can be a very complicated process.

From small businesses to large enterprises, every company needs a field service management app to have something that can organise all the operations. This is why you need help from a robust field management software that can take your business to the next mile.

The field service management software gives you a great opportunity to connect with your field staff, whether you want to create jobs, manage client issues, or estimate pricing. After all, when it comes to business proficiency, you cannot take any risks. Our field service management system will simply take care of everything, so whether you are just entering the business world or part of the industry for long, you can harness new opportunities and make the best out of them.

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What do we offer?

The boost with field work force and operations productivity that you need, Genic Teams trusted by many.


Create Tasks

Connect with your field technicians, share details, and resolve issues seamlessly.


Quote Management

Turn quotes into work orders and stay in touch with potential customers.


Analyse Work Reports

Curate reports, monitor performance, and keep track of the work easily.


Real-time Planning

Organise work schedules and empower your business operations.



Genic Teams comes with a promise of turning this success into reality.

If your business is facing complex issues in managing the field jobs and keeping the company’s resources organised, you need the support of a robust field management solution. Field service management software is essentially responsible for keeping the team’s activities, including inventory management, functional and organised.

The Genic Team’s field service management app can provide reliable and efficient support to bring ease and convenience to the forefront of your business. Success in the field service awaits the integration of a robust software.

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Benefits of Integrating Genic Teams

Get The Work Done In The Right Way

Every organisation, no matter how big or small, needs a system that can organise all of its operations. After all, you cannot take any chances when it comes to business proficiency. Meeting the demands of the business can be a very challenging procedure, particularly if your workers are spread out far from you. Field service management software maintains everything functional and organised, whether it be operations, including inventory management or scheduling crucial tasks for the team.

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Work Smartly With A Field Management Software

It’s time you streamline your business operations. A Field management software is exactly what you need if you want to stay in control of your people and processes. From a single platform, you can track real-time progress, make quotes, divide duties, and resolve queries. Plus, you can remove the need to perform repetitive tasks by automating them. With a field management system, you can also cut the requirement of paper and let the software do its charm.

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GenicTeams will Bring You More Growth

With the best field service management system in Singapore, you can turn big problems into a thing of the past. Whether you have issues in coordinating with your remote team, creating invoices, or providing efficient customer support, you can rely on GenicTeams for making everything a breeze. In other words, our field service management system can help you reach the top of the industry and make the best out of the opportunities available in the market.

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Transit To More Efficient Operations

Our field service management system is the saviour you need if your operations are riddled with expenses and errors. There is no need to get riddled of the hassle when our field service system can take care of everything in an accurate and reliable manner. You can collect relevant information in a timely manner, enhance customer satisfaction, and resolve issues faster with the support of our field service management system. We are the best in Singapore for a reason.

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Solve Your Unique Challenges With GenicTeams

You might know problems in your business but not the right solution that you can employ for improvements. This is why you can trust Genic Teams to provide optimum support in overcoming all the growth barriers. Our field service management system will simply take care of everything, so whether you are just entering the business world or part of the industry for a long time, you can harness new opportunities and make the best out of them.

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Get Up and Run Towards Business Success

We have a proven track of accomplishment of helping businesses from Singapore in resolving critical issues with the help of our field management system. We cater to wide-ranging industries that make us a full-fletch partner for your business, regardless of its overarching goals and operations. You can start today and enhance the potential of your business substantially.

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Our Industry

As an all-rounder software, the benefits of Genic Teams FSM are equally applicable to all industrial sectors. Every commercial business can reap the benefits of managing their field service business with FSM.

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At Genic Teams, we make no false promises regarding the quality of the service we provide. Instead, we let our testimonials speak for themselves. Check out what our customers have to say about our seamless and top-notch tech solutions.

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For businesses of today and tomorrow

Genic Teams can help you to proactively cover business challenges with performative technology and innovative solutions. So what are you waiting for? Connect with us to avail the benefits.