Automating operations is the way ahead

No matter how smartly you deal with work, manual execution will always be inefficient, time and resource intensive and most importantly filled with errors. Switch to field service management software and take a sigh of relief

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With our FSM software in place, arranging schedules, servicing appointments and timely completing work orders is not a big deal any more.

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Dispatch Management

Send the right specialist for the right assignment and coordinate the entire process without worrying about missing out any critical detail.

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Quote Management

Track every single work order from initiation to job assignment, tracking service and generating invoice upon completion.

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Product Inventory Management

Know what are your most regularly consumed assets, replenish them well in time and smartly adjust the restock cycle by simply letting Genic Teams keepa track of your inventory.

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Billing & Invoicing

Manage contract with greater efficiency and flawless execution, ensure the service level agreements are not breached during the execution of the work orders.

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Real Time Geotracking

Stay in touch with your technicians and ensure their safety even when they are mobilised to some of the most remote site.

We bridge the gap in your operations, company assets, employees and clients

Reduced Downtime

FSM lets you identify the critical equipment repairs and replenishing needs toin order to deliver higher performance.

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Access Difficulty

Lower Rework

Assigning team with the right skill set and sharing the right data with them at the right time improve the quality of service.

Optimise field servicing cost

By having an complete insight on the historical data help technicians take the right decision and repair efficiently and effectively.

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Access Difficulty

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Insight dashboards help keep everything under radar, respond to customers complaints and find a resolution quickly to avoid delays that lead to customer frustration.


Enjoy Real-time communication with Team and Customer

Our solution is integrated with mobile and cloud technology which keeps you connected to everyone in the team. Test it out with our Demo.

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GenicTeams - Project Management Software

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