Scheduling & Dispatching
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Scheduling & Dispatching

Despite the kind of services you offer, you need professional support for the business to reflect productivity, generate a positive user experience.

Now you can do everything from a single point of control

The scheduling and dispatching feature supports you in ensuring that the right task is accomplished at the appropriate time through online scheduling. Even while you are out in the field and a client ever requests for an up-to-date quote, it should not make things any more difficult since you can use the same tool on your phone as well as to create, edit and send quotes on the go. With the Genic’s field service management system, you can now create, forward and follow professional quotes with the greatest ease. While scheduling may sound easy on paper, it is actually challenging to achieve overarching objectives in reality. But not when you have Genic Team incorporated.


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Now you can create a new job, identify the customer, and allocate to concerned departments easily using our online appointment scheduling software.

  • Quickly identify the employees schedule
  • Streamline workload through scheduling tasks.
  • Schedule job for months ahead
  • Automate job scheduling process
  • Customise the software as deemed fit


To make your business operations smooth and efficient, we offer multiple calendar views to help you dispatch your team effectively.

  • Dashboards perfect for quick deployment
  • Maximise the opportunities available
  • Reduce the complexities in the job
  • Streamline how the team undertakes crucial tasks
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Now you can easily view the preliminary schedule, served, and already dispatched orders to keep track of every aspect of your operations, ranging from when a particular service was provided by whom and in what way.

  • Enjoy enhance customer satisfaction
  • Conveniently resolve the pressing queries
  • Put a hold on losing track of historical data
  • Improve the overall quality of your services


In case if a particular quote remains unchanged after a pre-decided length of time, our app automatically adds a reminder to your task list and makes sure nothing goes unchecked. Timely reminders and follow up on all quotes.

  • Greater opportunity for timely decisions
  • Never miss out on anything crucial
  • Stay in touch with business operations
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Genic Team’s drag and drop calendar allows you to filter essential tasks using particular keywords and other features while making it convenient for you to add items into the calendar for the whole team to see.

  • Schedule multiple visits at the same time
  • Schedule client booking within the same calendar.
  • Online appointment scheduling software
  • Meet deadlines and do everything in a timely manner
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Push Notification

Using push notification, immediately alert your team in case of any new, rescheduled or cancelled jobs.

  • Generates an automated message
  • Notify immediately about upcoming events
  • Bring urgent matters requiring your attention
  • Stay on track with push notifications

Weekly/ Monthly/ Customised Summary View

It’s always better to know the progress of your business from time to time. Thanks to our weekly, monthly, and customizable summary view, you can easily view everything that has happened in the past few days

  • Measure the performance of your employees
  • View incomplete tasks till date
  • Customised summary view
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