Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Create, edit, schedule, and send quotes without any hassle or difficulty to your customers, making sure to capture leads and build a loyal consumer base.

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Scheduling & Dispatching

Despite the kind of services you offer, you need professional support for the business to enhance productivity, generate a positive user experience, and change leads to actual sales. While this may sound easy on paper, it is actually challenging to achieve these overarching objectives in reality. Managing a quote has never been this easier before. With the Genic’s field service management system, you can now create, forward and follow professional quotes with the greatest ease. Most importantly, you can do all of these from a single point of control.

You can easily schedule the jobs required to be catered in accordance with the availability of your team members through our online appointment scheduling services. Our field service management software also allows you to incorporate your company logo into your quotes. In addition to this, you can include several other important pieces of information such as discounts, contract terms and the deposits that would be required.

In case you have to see a property in person, you can always schedule an onsite assessment to begin the process. Even while you are out in the field and a client ever requests for an up-to-date quote, it should not make things any difficult since you can use the same tool on your phone as well as to create, edit and send quotes on the go. Scheduling and dispatching feature supports you in getting the right job done at the right time through online appointment scheduling.



Now you can create a new job, identify the customer, and allocate to concerned departments easily using our online appointment scheduling software. You can quickly identify the number of busy employees, and for how long. So when there is an urgent task or the workload is enormous, you can schedule everything in a streamlined manner through the appointment scheduling software. Whether you want to schedule the job for months ahead or depending upon frequency, you can automate the entire process and save time for doing other tasks. Customization options in the appointment scheduling software make it possible to schedule everything as deem fit.


To make your business operations smooth and efficient, we offer multiple calendar views to help you dispatch your team effectively. The numerous views of Genic Teams calendars are perfect for quick deployment of your staff way before the time or in case of emergencies instantly. In this way, you can maximize the opportunities available to you, reduce the complexities in the job, and streamline the way your team undertakes crucial tasks. After all, the last thing you want is to have mistaken on your part and reduce your team’s efficiency.



Now you can easily view the preliminary schedule, served, and already dispatched orders to keep track of every aspect of your operations, ranging from when a particular service was by provided by whom and in what way. Accordingly, you can enhance customer satisfaction by resolving the pressing queries without losing track of what had previously happened and increase the overall quality of your services.


We serve timely reminders to make the most of every opportunity and follow up on all quotes. In case if a particular quote remains unchanged after a pre-decided length of time, our app automatically adds a reminder to your task list and makes sure nothing goes unchecked. In this way, you can make timely decisions without ever missing out on anything crucial for your business operations.



Genic Team’s drag and drop calendar allows you to filter essential tasks using particular keywords and other features while making it convenient for you to add items into the calendar for the whole team to see. You can also schedule multiple visits with various clients within the same calendar without any trouble.Therefore, our online appointment scheduling software is the best when it comes to meeting deadlines and doing everything in a timely manner.

Push notification

Using push notification, immediately alert your team in case of any new, rescheduled or, canceled jobs. Our FSM software generates an automated message for you in light of such events to notify you immediately about anything that has missed your eye or an urgent matter requiring your attention. Our push notifications will simply keep you on track because time is an essential tool for businesses to progress ahead.


Weekly/Monthly/Customized Summary View

It’s always better to know the progress of your business from time to time. Thanks to our weekly, monthly, and customizable summary view, you can easily view everything that has happened in the past few days. So whether you want to measure the performance of your employees or view all the tasks that have been completed up till now, you can do so with our customized summary view.

Third Party Integration

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