Extend your proprietary services without worrying about planning

Whether you’re required to perform equipment installation, repair or routine maintenance; oversee scheduling and planning of mobilising team and execute the job flawlessly

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Optimise field service management, streamline contractual jobs and other routine operations and even improve business productivity through intelligent scheduling.

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Mobile App

Accomplishing tasks becomes a lot easier when your team is connected. Our FSM software solution is accessible and compatible with all mobile devices

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Field servicing has moved beyond piles of paperwork and absence of information until the shift ends. We make it possible for managers to stay informed by capturing each and every detail in real time.

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Customer Management

Genic Teams work seamlessly with third party softwares such as CRM, IT system etcs so you can gauge your performance and customer satisfaction across all platforms.

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From receiving service request to sending out quotation and jotting down task details, mobilising team and getting paid, Genic Team’s dashboard measures and record every minute detail.

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Use workspace to see work requests, schedule contractor for work and monitor their performance from the commencement of the job to closing.

For better contract management, Genic Teams brings real-time insights

Greater visibility

Use alert and notification system to know where your team is, how are they performing and what needs to be done to rescue them.

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Increased Efficiency

The secret to getting things done faster is automating tasks and making all the information available to the workers.

User friendly portals

Assign work, view progress and let your client’s know – all through dashboards and workspaces

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24/7 Access

Whether you have dispatch a team or brief them about the job, you can do it all through mobile device.


Modernise your field service business with Genic Team’s specialised workflow

Lighten the workload by choosing modern ways of doing business – Genic Teams is the way ahead. Book a demo now!

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GenicTeams - Project Management Software

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