Time Tracking

Align your business operations with the overarching timelines and schedules, improving both the productivity and proficiency of your team.

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Time Tracking

As everything is becoming so fast-paced, time tracking has become quite tedious. You can’t rely on spreadsheets and documents to keep track of your employees check-in and check out. Think about how much time you can actually save by letting an automated system do it for you instead.

Even if you have an automated system already in hand to do so, an integrated time tracking feature with your FSM software can let you do more things from a single platform. This is why GenicTeams comes with the guarantee to increase efficiency and productivity in your business.

From check-in and check out to break time, you can help your team become more punctual and productive by keeping track of their working hours with efficient software. How good does it sound?


Check-in & check out

Our FSM software provides you with a simple yet effective method to record and document whether your workforce reaches on time and completes their tasks within the standard time to guarantee increased workforce effectiveness

Break time

In order to make your company’s working smooth and competent, it is important to keep track of every single minute & Genic Teams software keeps track of the working hours of all employees including breaks to make the workings of your company transparent and structured.



To promote a working environment that promotes service it’s of prime importance to have the complete documentation of time spent traveling, on task, on break and the number of working hours as opposed to overtime within a week, a month or whatever timeline you want to search for. Promoting workforce competitiveness and punctuality.

Third Party Integration

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