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How Genic Teams Making Project Management Easy?

  • Intuitive Interface: Project managers and team members in Singapore can easily adjust to Genic Teams' user-friendly interface.

  • Customizable Workflows: Our software can be customised to meet project needs, offering flexibility for a range of industries within Singapore's business environment.

  • Security Measures: Data security is a top priority for Genic Teams, and we satisfy the high standards required by organisations by putting strong safeguards in place to protect critical project information.

  • Task Automation: Use the task automation features of our software to streamline procedures, guaranteeing effective completion of repetitive work and enhancing project management.

  • Advanced Reporting: Gain insights with Genic Teams' advanced reporting tools, which offer a thorough overview of important KPIs for well-informed decision-making.

  • Collaborative Features: Genic Teams improves user cooperation by fostering teamwork through file sharing, real-time communication, and collaborative document editing.

  • Continuous Update: Keep up with Genic Teams' commitment to continuous development and updates, offering users in Singapore the newest features and best practices from the industry.

PSG Grant Is Available For All Singapore SMEs

Based On Your Business, Scale, And Requirements, We Offer 4 Pre-Approved PSG Packages

Select the package that best fits your needs, from the most basic needs to the most advanced features, to ensure the success of project management.

Packages A

(3 Users)

Packages B

(5 Users)

Packages C

(7 Users)

Packages D

(10 Users)

Enterprise Packages

*For custom solutions not covered under PSG, please email us at

PSG Grant - Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the PSG Grant FAQs to make the application process easier to understand.

What is PSG?

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is a financial support programme implemented by the Singaporean government to facilitate the adoption of productivity-enhancing solutions by local firms. It empowers enterprises by offering financial support to acquire eligible software and equipment.

Is your company eligible for a PSG grant?

PSG is accessible to

  • Companies that are incorporated or registered in Singapore.
  • Businesses that hold at least 30% of their shares locally.
  • Businesses having less than 200 employees or a group annual sales turnover of less than S$100 million.
  • In Singapore, companies are required to use the subscription IT solution.
How long does it take to complete a PSG application?

PSG grant applications are processed four to six weeks after the necessary documentation is submitted.

How many PSG grants can a company apply for?

Companies can apply for multiple PSG grants depending on their business requirements. Support under PSG, however, is limited to one package per deployment site and solution category.

Can a business file an application concurrently?

You can submit many applications at once.

Start Your Journey Towards Unparalleled Growth

With Genic Teams Project Management, take the first step towards unmatched growth. Explore PSG support to grow your company and transform your approach to selling. Take advantage of the opportunity to seize success now!

*50% Grant

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