Map & Geolocation
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Map & Geolocation

Make sure that all the operations are going smoothly and your team is not facing any issues.

When your team is located very far from you or when you are travelling somewhere, you will need something to keep an eye on your field

GenicTeam’s Map and Geolocation feature can help you monitor everything in a seamless manner. Whether you want to know the exact live location of your workers or schedule new jobs immediately, you can do it. We bring you real-time accessibility, bridging the gap of communication between you and your team. In this way, even if you are located far away, you can ensure your customers are satisfied, and your team is performing well.


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Real Time Geo-Tracking

Our field service management system provides you with the exact live location of your field workers and their scheduled routes.

  • Deal with the problems of your clients remotely
  • Assign task force for immediate restoration
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Map View/ Dispatch

Our software allows you to monitor all the employees to be scheduled on the map while enabling you to schedule jobs remotely.

  • Become less reliant on verbal communication
  • Enhance back-office productivity
  • Assign work without overlapping

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