Expanding Business? Genic FSM is your saviour

Before expanding into new localities, know that the old ways of running your business will not be valid any more. You’ll new a highly specialised field service management software to be able to provide what your commit

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Through Genin Teams, you can keep an eye on the crew without needing to be in the same location. Stay connected remotely.

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Whether it is work analysis and progress charts or financial insights, our standard reports have everything you’ll need to know how your business is going.

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Document Management

When you’re connected with Genic Teams, all your documents, important pdf and datasheets are just a tap away.

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Mobile App

When you have your work on your phone, it becomes nearly impossible to miss meetings or work unconsciously. The calendar view keeps even the team leader aware of the schedule of it’s subordinates.

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Quote Management

Genic Teams automates the entire process of invoice generation and payment reception. As soon as the job is marked complete, invoicing process is initiated.

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We make it possible to run operations from field, office and home. Besides, work order are generated on auto for recurring work requests.

Genic Teams provides flexibility to your team and customers

Easy to Request Work

We have designed user friendly work request form with which customers can easily request work, state their preference along with availability.

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Accelerate towards goals

Viewing performance in the forms of graph and charts makes all the difference, we help you maintain your reports wisely.

Guide right from the field

Through GPS, Facilitate your team and let them keep you updated on what’s happening on the ground.

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Calendar Reminders

Reminders and Notification are set on so you never forget work orders and stay organised.


Never miss out any important detail

Stay informed with Genic Teams Put schedules and dispatches on the genic team’s calendar and sit back while the software takes care of the rest. Schedule your demo!

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GenicTeams - Project Management Software

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