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The way your customers perceive your business can make it or break it. After all, they are the ones driving your sales.

That’s what makes it ever so crucial for your company to have positive interaction with current and potential customers

Genic Teams brings you an excellent opportunity to follow an efficient CRM approach in your daily operations. Focused on increasing your sales growth, you can trust on us to win over your important customers. Because customers are the most important assets and therefore, you need to make sure that they love your business and not the competitors. Our field service management software propels your productivity one step further with our advanced customer relationship management software.


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Detailed Customer Database

Genic Teams helps you keep your consumer database safe and structured, so you never lose touch with the essence of your business that is your customers.

  • Find customer databases in the quickest time
  • Create jobs, add sites immediately
  • See previous quotes, jobs, visits, invoices

Add, Edit and Delete & Mass Upload of Customer Records

With our customised CRM service, you can add, edit or delete huge numbers of customer records to maintain working at an efficient rate. Your clients can simply log in to their portal and create a work order without any hassle.

  • Maintain a record of all your customer interactions.
  • Client portal for creating quotes
  • View complete overview of payment linked to each of the clients
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Summary/ Single Screen View

View job history, sites, invoices and projects of all customers with ease in the single screen overview section with just a few clicks.

  • Quickly view the details of a customer
  • Add custom fields to monitor specific client data
  • Document activity for recordkeeping

Notes & Attachment

Link pictures and data to the account of a client, and collect signatures all within the Genic Teams FSM app.

  • Add pictures of completed work or an employment contract
  • Access comprehensive profile of a client
  • Stay connected from the workplace or out on the field.
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Client Property/ Office/ Multiple Location Listing

With our innovative FSM software, you can list multiple addresses of yours, your client’s to ensure no possibility of any error.

  • Complete client information
  • Evergreen database

Service/ Job History

Using custom fields to monitor important client data, and report them.

  • See previous interviews, work, meetings
  • Compare old invoices
  • Get a full history of billing
  • View start-to-end communication with client
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Client Tags/ Listing of a Similar Category of Clients

Pool customers with similar trends to minimise wastage of time

  • Client search to view the full history of client
  • Club similar clients/ orders

Custom Data Fields

We provide you with the choice of creating custom data fields to suit the needs of your business and make it well-organised.

  • Custom templates
  • Custom filters
  • Custom reports
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For businesses of today and tomorrow

Genic Teams can help you to proactively cover business challenges with performative technology and innovative solutions. So what are you waiting for? Connect with us to avail the benefits.

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