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Quote Management

Sending a quote to a customer may seem like an easy process when, in general, it can be very inefficient.

Our field service management system is the saviour you need

Our seamless quote management feature can assist you in creating, editing, and sending multiple quotes to your customers.  Especially if you have to send extremely detailed quotes to a plethora of customers, doing everything manually can be tedious and difficult. When the quote is accepted, the information of the order has to be generated again before the work can be started. In this way, you can make unexpected mistakes, leading to a lot of inaccuracies. Add speed in which you reach out to your customers, confirm their orders, and complete the work. Simply, automation is what you need.


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On-Site Assessment

Plan on-site evaluation to gather more insight regarding the customer before producing a quote for them.

  • Customers automatically receive assessment dates
  • Teams receive instant information via Genic Teams FSM app.
  • Get all the relevant information in one place
  • Transform offer into a real quote
  • Make Quotation management a simple process

E-Signature for Approval

Our Field Management Software comes with an online approval option to ensure minimum time utilisation and maximum output.

  • Speed up the approval process
  • Avoid wastage of time
  • Automate workflow
  • Bundle similar quotes
  • Electronically sign documents on the spot
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Clients with access to the company portal can agree and suggest modifications to the quotes.

  • Status of all the quotes are available in your account
  • Quote status visible on the dashboard
  • Offers a clear overview of clients action
  • Gauge how clients booked your services


All your quotes are recorded and accounted for in Genic Solution’s software database.

  • Filters to segregate quotes by date sent & status
  • Miscellaneous filters for follow-ups
  • status tracking to harness opportunities
  • Make use of appointment scheduling in routine
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Dashboard Design

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Client Records

Manual processes are inefficient and cause a significant delay in turning visitors into long term customers. Reach out to your customers swiftly.

  • Customers can access current and past quotes
  • Web portal to compare services and pricing
  • Keep track of previous services
  • Real-time updates in the portal

Follow-Ups & Reminders

Maximise efficiency by setting up automated messages to customers are engaged, and kept in contact to realise opportunities.

  • Follow up who have not reverted back.
  • Constant engagement to deliver better results
  • Customise template for automated messages
  • Set the days, timing and frequency of promotion messages
  • Configure online appointment scheduling
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