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Our field service software caters to diverse business needs through smart job scheduling and mobile friendly enhancements. These features are bound to optimise utilisation of precious resources and bring you closer to achieving your goals

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An important pain point for partnering service providers is to mobilise personale with the right skill set to execute the job. Our intelligent scheduling system maps manpower skill set with job requirement to make the right decision

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Geolocation and Map View

Save time and resources by allocating work orders to teams which is closest to the site by viewing their geographical location in real-time

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Service Reports are important when it comes to gaining an insight on what sparer are required for a particular work order.

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Digital invoices are far efficient and the need of the business at the same time, FSM decreases back and forth communication to approve invoice and get paid out.

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Time Tracking

TIme sheets help track activities executed, man hours vested and expenses incurred on site do that the team may be reimbursed accordingly.

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Database Management

Genic Teams has the capability to store extensive amount of data pertaining to customer history and as well as technical skills of engineers such as availability, certifications and other preferences.

Schedule, Assign, Track and Store information on every job executed

Resource Planning

Carrying the frequently used spare and tools can save time and avoid unnecessary travelling, with a resource planning software in place, managing inventory becomes a breeze.

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Unified System

Unlike device specific tools, Genic Teams FSM is a universal solution that offers greater flexibility, supports higher number of customers.

Optimise Operations

As an integrated software, it offers an end to end holistic view from customers end and as well as front line team. This simplifies the operation, reduce delays and rework.

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Stay informed 24/7

Our solution tracks it all, from job schedules and team skill map to budgetary constraints and customers’ regulatory requirements.


Don’t get lost between software

Genic Teams has everything you need. Achieve operational excellence by keeping everything under your radar. Genic Teams can do what may be impossible otherwise.

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