For an ever demanding business like Cleaning and Maid Service

Businesses that need dealing with a ton of customers daily require excellent management skills. But as your business grows, it becomes impossible to do it all manually. Make the right choice by integrating FSM software solution, it helps you schedule more in a fraction of a time

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It helps manage customers and their specific needs by optimising cleaning plan which in return reduces costs and improve quality of service

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Inventory Management

Better allocation of materials and resources can help reduce the cost of doing business. It does so by providing a user friendly interface to track nventory, stocks and replenishing needs

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Customer Management

Capturing a client’s preferences, be it cleaning activities or time, and planning the job accordingly can improve customer satisfaction. Genic Teams helps you take care of your customers through a dedicated module for customer management.

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From estimating job completion and compliance rate, making calculations for profits and sales, our comprehensive set of reports help you reach conclusions quickly.

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Mobile App

Take a quick view on the upcoming jobs and customer appointments with our built-in calendar view, that can also be used to mark important dates and meetings, for a more organised work schedule.

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Geo location

Our innovative digital solution opens up the possibility to build a channel between customers, managers and frontline works through real time communication like notification and alert system

Genic Teams has everything a contracting business needs to get that cutting edge

Real-time Insights

With the help of reviews, reports and ratings, Genic Teams helps you quantify user satisfaction.

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Happier Customers

One thing that we guarantee is you’ll experience happier and far more content customers that more likely to refer your services to their friends and family.

Magnify Productivity

We facilitate businesses in improving quality of service along with increasing productivity through better scheduling.

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Communicate to Collaborate

One of the biggest causes of degrading customer satisfaction is lack of communication between stakeholders. Genic Teams ensures everyone is kept in the loop through mobile app, reminder and notification system.


We Add Value to your Business

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