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Remote working sure has its benefits. But it can’t really produce adequate benefits if you don’t have a system to maintain your control over all the operations.

Facing issues in managing your inventory and team that is far away?

Whether you are travelling to a different location or something urgent has shown up during vacations that need your attention, our efficient mobile app can help you keep track of your team’s daily tasks, capture leads, resolve queries, and ensure sales. Our field service management system can help you reach the top of the industry and make the most out of the opportunities available in the market. Nothing to worry about. With the help of a seamless and fully functional mobile app, you can control the daily operations of your business and prioritise the work from a remote location.


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Work Order/ Job Sheet Management

Prioritise your work orders based on filters of your choosing from, proximity to importance and distance of employee to customer

  • Preset and custom filters
  • Smart evaluation strategy

Job/ Service Report

With our job reporting system, you can rest assured that your workers capture every important piece of information that you will need.

  • Design and view job
  • Generate service reports
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Flexible Access & Notification

The Genic Teams mobile app provides your team with a constantly updating schedule. Any changes warrant? A push notification message sent to the person-in-charge.

  • Stay informed 24/7
  • Redfoned notification text
  • Instant message facility

Safe & Secure

With privacy and security being our foremost priority, our mobile app is encrypted and integrated with relevant features to ensure the protection and retention of your data in a seamless manner.

  • Glitch free app
  • Data integrity and security ensured
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Calendar View

View all the past, current and future projects in the calendar within the field service management app and make any changes or adjustments as per your need.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to browse and locate data
Dashboard Design

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Tickets Data

Maintain and access tickets to ensure no customer is left out with the constantly updated tickets dashboard

  • Advanced ticket management system
  • Track ticket status
  • Receive notifications for expiring tickets

SMS and Google Location API

Upon logging in or out of a job or editing an existing job or creation of a new invoice, Genic Teams marks your location and allows you to view your team’s live location. Letting you make any amendments accordingly.

  • Monitor team status and location
  • Schedule/Reschedule in real time
  • Strategize with changing dynamics
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For businesses of today and tomorrow

Genic Teams can help you to proactively cover business challenges with performative technology and innovative solutions. So what are you waiting for? Connect with us to avail the benefits.

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