Billing and Invoicing
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Billing and Invoicing

Can’t afford to take risks or make mistakes when undertaking this job every month, probably every week too.

Billing and invoicing is a responsibility that rests upon the shoulders of all business owners

Why do it manually when you can let an automated system do it for you and save tons of time? With GenicTeams, you can improve the way you generate bills and invoices every time. Simply put, it makes everything easier and timely. Job invoicing and completion assessment can also be done remotely via our Field Service Management Software. Our invoicing service program alerts you to generate and send invoices while recording all the invoices that are already issued, charged, and overdue.


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Create and Manage Invoices

Minimise the chances of duplicate entries by using our generated invoice feature on our mobile workforce management software.

  • Transfer line items/ expenditures into a ready-to-deliver invoice layout
  • Automatically send the invoices to your accounting platform

Customised Templates

Send competent invoices to your clients by customising the various existing Genic Teams invoice templates with packaging and marketing as per your requirements.

  • Include information vital to you
  • Fields for overdue payment, payment options available
  • Add website name, phone number, and business relevant details
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Payment Tracking

Our field service management system offers you a transparent monitoring service for documenting

  • Document expenses and queue up invoices
  • Envelope labels for printing as per your convenience


Our field management software prompts employees to dispatch invoices instantly after their allocated tasks have been finished.

  • Ensure no lapses and loss of documentation
  • Create invoices for back offices and field teams
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Dashboard Design

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Compatible with Email (Template)

All our templates are email compatible to ensure your invoices can be sent to any client via all mediums

  • Ensure no cases of late or no payment.
  • Professional template

Auto Email Notifications

Design an automated email that will be sent to your client and the employee in charge of the operation to synchronise members of both parties

  • Ensure timely dispatching of invoices
  • Greater probability of timely payment


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