Make fruitful deals with prospective customers, confirm sales orders, and provide your approval on crucial operations with a seamless E-signature.

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How difficult can it be to sign off documents, right? Very difficult. If you have to approve jobs, confirm orders, seal deals, and provide your big yes on essential matters every day, you are expected to spend a substantial amount of time merely signing your name over and over again.

But no need to scramble for a pen and a dozen documents when your approval is needed. Genic Solutions bring you a simple, quick, and efficient method to do everything efficiently. With our e-signature feature, you can sign off everything automatically.

E-signatures not only provide your customers and employees with a quicker alternative but also cut all chances of error. In this way, your business can genuinely outshine while you can save tons of time.

Third Party Integration

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*70% Grant

GenicDocs-Document Management Software