Product Inventory Management

Spreadsheets and docs are not enough to handle the requirements of your prospective inventory. Let a top-notch software do it for you instead.

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Product Inventory Management

All major successful businesses today have one thing in common – the emphasis they give to product inventory management. As the business world is becoming more complex, you can’t really rely on manual paperwork to manage your inventory.

Why not cut the hassle and instead have software to take care of all the grunt work? Our Field service management software manages and automatically refills inventory, saving time and effort while allowing your team to focus on the needs of the customer.

Simply put, if you are aiming for operational excellence, GenicTeams is the integration you need. Manage, store, stock, and sell your inventory in the right manner for optimal production and distribution with our Field Service management software. No need to get riddled with the hassle when our field service system can take care of everything in an accurate and reliable manner.


Brand listing

Options to add edit and remove brands to have a well-managed, appealing dashboard ensure top quality service and maintenance of stock according to the need and wants of your consumer.

Category management

The next step would be to arrange the categories using the Genic Teams field service management software, an effortless task in itself. As the actual management is done by the AI and all you have to do is input the details into the right fields.


Product & service listing

Upon arranging the categories, the items will be shown within the predefined categories and you, the user, will be able to modify the categories to ensure your satisfaction.

Minimum Quantity trigger

The field service management app supports setting minimum quantity and establishing a minimum quantity trigger for you. This can be done on the complete parts list tab, where you can configure pricing as well.


Sale price/purchase price & minimum sale price

Key in the sale and purchase prices you choose within the FSM app to create a database of your pricings in the past and future and set a fixed minimum sale price to ensure easy transactions.

Third Party Integration

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