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Genic Teams FSM software makes it a stress free process to execute jobs. Say no to inefficient, old-school ways of making to-do lists and arranging resources and equipment for it. Let our state of the art software do it on your behalf

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Job Schedulling

You can easily schedule the jobs required to be catered in accordance with the availability of your team members through our online appointment scheduling services

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Common Data Drive

Manage the way your business collects, store, and use information. You can keep track of all the documents from one window, allowing synchronization, easy accessibility, and minimal chances of errors.

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Flexible Access

With the help of a seamless and fully functional mobile app, you can control the daily operations of your business and prioritise the work from a remote location and even when you’re off the shift.

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Do everything efficiently without spending a ton of time. With digital signatures, let your team and customers see your acknowledgment immediately.

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Map View

Genic Teams Map and Geolocation feature can help you monitor everything in a seamless manner. Bring out the best of your team by tracking their activity.

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Service/ Job History

The best part of CRM is that the clients sign into the portal and add work request on their own. This also allows you to maintain a record of all your customer interactions.

Our Field Service Management Software is all you need to take care of routine jobs at your medical service

Workflow Standardisation

Managing tools and equipment, documentation and work orders are of immense importance, FSM standarises workflows to make the most of what you have

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Paperless Processes

With Genic Teams FSM in place, you can transform your business and escape the time wastage yielding from sorting paper trails.

Equipment Management

FSM simplifies field servicing, which is especially important in health sector to be able to provide affordable care

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Service Management

Deploying the right team and the right equipment is what we mean with fool-proof scheduling which assists with managing healthcare equipments and even patient’s appointments.


Execute Business Processes Better

Genic Teams is the way to go. Our software solution is designed to add value to your business. Learn More Today!

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