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Genic Teams FSM software offers support with all types of installation, maintenance, audits and inspection jobs by offering ease of drafting maintenance contracts, collecting information on spares, inventory and new orders.

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From receiving service requests to creating quotes, getting approval and mobilising a team for the job and settling dues, Genic Teams undertakes the entire process without you needing to switch to another software, even your email outlook.

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Document Management

Automated checklists, procedures, SOPs and frameworks ensure everything is duly taken care off, reducing the chances of rework and get a hit on customer relationship management.

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Mobile App

The biggest hold point in any business is ease of reaching out to your peers, connecting to business softwares even when you’re out of office. Our mobile app makes it possible no matter where you are.

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A quicker and a reliable way of getting approvals is through automated approval workflows with the privilege of signing documents through e-signatures. What used to take day, will now take a split of a second.

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Know where your team is so you can guide them how to reach their next destination. Geolocation and real-time map views help keep track on your employees and at the same time help them when they’re in need.

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Customer Management

Your business’ prosperity lies within the hands of your customers, and to keep them satisfied CRM portal is almost necessary. It retains a history of client communications, service requests and feedback so you can continue to improve your service level.

Genic Teams has everything a contracting business needs to get that cutting edge

Real-time Insights

Know who has reserved assets, what is your task force working on and how far are they from reaching the performance targets.

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Automate Processes

From formulating job schedules to managing quotes and get approvals on documents, our workflows and frameworks increase productivity and make the impossible possible.

Streamline Planning

Be it a major revamp project or a regular breakdown rectification, using our field service management software for planning increases the likelihood of success and eliminating loopholes.

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Improved Customer Experience

Never miss out on any new order and promptly respond to their queries. FSM offers a thorough alert and notification system along with automatic message generation feature.


Achieve Operational Goal

FSM makes it happen. Improved planning and greater insights bring business a lot closer to their strategic goal. Have you Booked up for a Demo?

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