Unified Work View to promote greater productivity

Contract jobs involves multiple teams and multiple sites, in such a business environment it is pinnacle to have a centralised monitoring hub that keeps things moving forward, without any error - Genic Teams does that for you

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Field Service Management can help take the burden off everyone’s shoulders; be it technicians, managers or even customers. Our end to end solution processes work orders, schedule execution, manage contracts, invoices and receive payments.

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Mobile App

Real time communication is a great deal in fielding services. Genic Teams offers cloud services and a mobile app that have all the features of full-version which is fully compatible with IOS and Android.

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Inventory Management

Maintain and Control frequently used tools and equipment, both onsite, offsite and even warehouse. Remote monitoring and analytics enables you to maximise the utilisation of inventory and reduce capital tied up in the stock.

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To reduce operational accidents and rework, it is necessary to execute jobs reliably. It is only possible when there are SOP, Job plans and other documents readily available – Genic Teams make it possible.

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Performance Monitoring through reports holds a great potential of improving the way you run the business and the cost incurred. Improve maintenance practices by digging out useful hypothesis from our reports.

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The future of the businesses lies in empowering your workforce while keeping an eye on the performance through geolocation and real time insights.The advancements in digital services has enabled us to incorporate all such features in our FSM solution.

Ingest data from all work sites and respond to team and customers queries instantly - Genic Teams eliminate bottlenecks in your operation

Address More Work Orders

Close more deals in less time without exhausting your team – it Genic Team’s takes smart scheduling to achieve efficiency.

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Stay Organised

Whether it is about managing multiple customers,scheduling tasks or keeping supplier documents and datasheets, Genic Teams has a module for everything.

Customised to Needs

Genic Teams grow as you grow. Be it the main interface or scheduled reports, customer database, you have the privilege to customize the fields according to your needs.

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Accomplish More

To reach a new level of productivity, your teams need new ways of doing business. FSM helps you eliminate redundant and repeating chores from your routine so you take time out for what’s more important.


With Genic Teams have everything in one place

Teamwork is better when everyone is on the same page. Genic Teams helps you achieve just that.

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