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10 Best Features of FSM Software for Business Growth

October 2, 2022

If you want to run your field service business in a well-organized manner, then all you need is field service management software. FSM with the right features facilitates your technician in the field, improves user experience, and helps in the growth of your business.

We will discuss the 10 best features of FSM software for your business.

Mobile Application Accessibility

We live in the era of technology that allows us to manage everything efficiently with a single click which saves our time and effort. Software solutions for field service businesses that come with mobile apps bring ease for managers, technicians, and customers. The managers can constantly check the progress of technicians in the field. Similarly, the technicians can get instant information about the availability of parts which reduces downtime.

The mobile application accessibility reduces workload, unnecessary paperwork, and eliminates approval time.

Ease of Scheduling and Dispatching

If you schedule your tasks manually it may lead to mismanagement and errors. On the other hand, field service management software ensures an efficient work environment with its online appointment scheduling feature. A well-managed system of scheduling and dispatching leads to better resource management saves time and provides better customer services.

Resource and Asset Management

Better allocation of resources, and asset management is extremely crucial for field service business for ensuring efficient performance. Field service management software allows you to keep track of your assets and other resources in the field which is required to complete a particular task.

Install Base and Field Asset Management

Keeping records of important information is time-exhausting and is only assessable in the office. Gone are the days when you had to keep records of maintenance and repair history, leasing contracts, or rental equipment, as of today we have software to keep all the records under a single platform. Moreover, FSM allows you to access the information no matter where you are.

IoT Monitoring

IoT or Internet of Things Is it network that is connected to devices at any time and ensures unstoppable efficiency. It addresses issues proactively and predicts maintenance needs which save the company from downtime and other losses.

Inspection and Task Checklists

Bring standardization and raise the quality of work with the help of inspection and tasks checklist. This feature of field service management software ensures that the expectation of your client is met without question.

Contract and Paperwork Reduction

Unnecessary paperwork and record management is what keeps your productivity low and wastes the time of your employees. Save your important time to focus on what matters and switch to FSM. With the right field management software, you can cut the need for paperwork. It also has a feature of a digital signature that helps you in closing the deals more quickly and efficiently.

Invoicing and Billing

Proper management of billing and accounting is important for every business. Facilitate your employees in customers by automating billing and keeping track of all your invoices with software. The best field service management software manages your billing efficiently and integrates with your current accounting software to automate your tasks.

Reports and Analytics

Report generating may take a lot of time but not anymore because with the right field service management software you can automate the process of reporting and analysis. The reports are generated quickly and help you in making informed decisions. Moreover, it also saves you time and money.

Mobile Workflow Management

Managing your technicians working in the field has never been easier, all thanks to mobile workforce management. The purpose of field service management software is to ensure a smooth and steady workflow by automating tasks, scheduling, reporting, and much more. So get software for your business and see how its drives efficiency and boosts your profit levels.

Each organization has its own specific needs according to which FSM software should be customized. But the above-mentioned 10 features are a must-have for your business growth. Genic teams are known as the best software providers in Singapore and we offer the most efficient software solutions.

Steps To Choose The Best Field Service Management Software In Singapore

Choosing the right field service management software for your business can be tedious so we have shortlisted some points that will help you in making the right decision.

Identify The Areas That Require Improvement

Ensuring a smooth workflow is the goal of every business and it is only possible when you are aware of your weak points.

Start by pointing out the areas that need improvement and try to be more specific in listing your problems, so you can invest accordingly to overcome every issue.

Identify The Primary Service Characteristics

The capabilities of a field service management software are dependent upon the primary service characteristics of a business. Following are some of the factors that you should take into account before understanding the characteristics of your business.

– Size of business

– Overall Service offerings

– Method of delivering the services i.e., Internal or external source.

– The total number of employees, base objects installed, and revenue per annum.

Identify The Impact Of The Software

Once you have identified the areas of improvement, the next thing is to identify the impact of software on those areas. Imagine how an appropriate software will make a difference and drive efficiency in your business.

Depending upon your goals, you can choose the software with the right features for your business. For a field service business, the goal is to bring efficiency in field operations, and with field service management software you can ensure it.

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Check The Hardware That Supports The Software

To ensure successful integration of software, the selection of hardware matters as you have to connect to your technicians through various devices. Similarly, the selection of an operating system is also crucial and you must choose a software solution that supports across various platforms such as Microsoft, Android, etc.

Check The Integration Capabilities With Your Current Software

When you go on selecting field service management software for your business you must ensure that the news software keeps up with your current workflows. Moreover, it should also have the capability to integrate with payroll platforms, accounting, etc.

Evaluate Field Service Management Products And Vendors

Evaluating vendors and their products is also crucial, as it provides insight into how they will address your requirements. Discuss your business requirements and the outcome you expect in detail so you get a field service management software that fulfills your demands. You can also ask them to provide you with a personalized demo as it will give an idea about their services and expertise.

Getting functional software that brings efficiency to your field operations is important for the success of your business. At Genic Teams, we understand your needs and bring you customized software solutions that work best for your field service activities.

So, get in touch with us now to get field service management software that provides you real-time insights and allows you to stay in touch with your technicians even in remote areas.


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