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5 reasons why FSM software can be beneficial for your HVAC business

November 2, 2022

Running an HVAC business is pretty challenging as it involves dealing with moving equipment and spare parts to a new job sites on routine basis. Executing operations in an organized manner is a tough job but not anymore!

Field service management software is the go-to solution for any business. Today many companies are relying on our FSM to carry out their business operations. From streamlining your everyday business operations to keeping control over the business and improving user experience, GenicTeams FSM has got it all covered.

The best way to stay ahead of your competitors is by integrating cloud-based FSM software in your everyday business operations. It will not only bring efficiency to your routine field operations but will also keep you updated on every internal and external activity. Get greater insights and have better control over your business.

Considering deploying a FSM software? Here’s why you need a field service management software for your HVAC business and what features should be present to make the most out of this deployment.

Why Do HVAC Companies Need Software Solutions?

HVAC Business is highly demanding and if you want to see your customers satisfied you must be extremely punctual in responding to customers’ queries, executing orders, fulfilling tasks efficiently and closing work orders timely.

Due to the demanding nature of HVAC business, and the increasing competition for market share, it has almost become a necessity to have a holistic, well-managed software in place. Because the software makes it easier to organize daily field operations, the companies can execute their functions more accurately and effectively.

Features To Look For In An HVAC Field Management Software

FSM software increases productivity and brings efficiency to your operations and labor intensive business. To run your HVAC business seamlessly you must have the following basic features in the FSM software.

  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Reporting
  • Invoicing and billing
  • GPS tracking
  • Integration
  • User communication
  • Mobile usability/ Mobile App

5 Reasons How FSM Will Grow Your Business

If you don’t have field service management software for your HVAC business yet, you are hindering your way to success. Here are some reasons why you must get FSM for your business today.

1. Better coordination

HVAC business is based on intensive cross-coordination and departmental collaboration. FSM Software ensures to keep you updated on every activity of your team members, so you can track their progress and provide them with assistance (if they need any). GenicTeams FSM software provides real-time information to the supervisors, managers, customers, etc. It allows you to stay connected to your technicians in the field while sitting in your office. Moreover, assigning tasks to a particular technician is based upon their availability and skills rather than guesswork, this will avoid playing on your workforce’s shortcomings and eliminate the need for rework.

Whether you own a small business or a large enterprise you can benefit from the unrivaled coordination capabilities of this software.

2. Ease business operations

FSM software holds promising benefits for your business; convenience and ease are just a few of them. No doubt, manual inventory is a stressful and time taking process with a huge room for errors and mismanaged inventory. Gone are the days when you had to rely on mere spreadsheets to keep track of your business progress; field service software has replaced the use of many outdated tools s it takes care of all such operations in the backend.

By bringing automation to your business, you save your employees man hours and subsequently keep them focused on finishing the business critical projects rather than being stuck in mundane routine jobs. The real-time tracking feature of this software allows the supervisors and managers to can make informed decisions which leads to better management and improved customer experience.

It also allows you to keep up with queries through mails and phone calls.

– Emailing

When you are dealing with several clients at the same time, it becomes almost impossible to keep track of all your emails. This may lead to skipping important emails such as delayed payments or restock requests. With FSM software, this problem is solved; push notification features provide you with the flexibility to turn on the reminder of your important emails.

– Important Phone Calls

Running an HVAC business means you will receive endless calls and you might not always be able to pick them all. This is where HVAC FSM software can help. You can prioritize the callers from the call list and schedule the rest for later so you don’t miss calls from important customers.

3. Automation

Getting field service management software for your business is a step towards adding automation to your routine operations such as billing, invoicing, reporting, and much more.

With the help of this integrated software, you can calculate the labor and associated costs immediately which would otherwise be hard to calculate manually. HVAC FSM software removes the burden from your employees by calculating and generating invoices instantly. Moreover, it ensures effective reporting to stakeholders, which eventually increase overall ROI.

4. Better inventory and equipment management

FSM software provides great benefits to HVAC businesses in terms of inventory. The software keeps track of the movement of the equipment i.e., when it was taken out, return time, inventory, etc. When you have a software that manages your inventory, you will no longer need to worry about training and development and employee retention. Having a complete software in place will save you the cost of hiring and training staff for routine jobs.

5. Scalability

FSM software has the capacity to deal with the complexities that occurs due to increased customer demand and order’s influx. For instance, when a small start-up turns into a medium size business, they might feel the need to switch to more sophisticated technologies. This is where field service software’s has a leverage. The ability to adapt makes it easier for such businesses to cope with changes such as organizational expansion and diversification.

Research showed that FSM software brings a 40% increase in productivity, and promises 95% customer satisfaction rate. Once you have a software specifically designed to run your HVAC business, you are more likely to focus on the growth of your business and achieve remarkable success.

GenicTeams FSM Software At Genic Solutions

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The purpose of field service management software is to cater to the needs of a business by streamlining operations and meeting expectations. GenicTeams provides software solution that bring efficiency and productivity to your business.

Tell us which features you would like to have in your HVAC FSM software and we promise to incorporate it for you. Many companies across Singapore rely on our FSM software to manage their business.

Contact our team today to get your quote. We’re eager to work together and see your business flourish.


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