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Everything You Should Know About Field Service Management

February 2, 2022

For many organizations, effective management of teams is one of the most complicated tasks. Since the task involves numerous variables, such as assigning duties and controlling human labor, it takes a considerable amount of time, together with precision, to manage the field force. Unpredictable changes can further complicate matters.

But the improvements in technology have made it easier for businesses to manage everything in a proficient manner. Automation has devised various solutions for managing the field service operations and getting rid of inefficiencies. It’s worth understanding how the FSM technology works, so you can incorporate it accurately in your business.

Overview of Field Service Management?

What is FSM technology?

FSM technology is based on the principles of automation, revolving around the field operations of a team of service experts. Using mobile systems, businesses can manage their field teams in a more effective manner with the help of FSM. As customers’ demands and complexity in logistics are increasing, management of the field teams is continuously becoming more difficult.

Accordingly, a field service management system can help businesses in improving efficiency and effectiveness in their operations. Everything from managing the customers to tracking the team proficiency, the system can prove useful for enhancing connectivity.

The Current Impact of FSM

A vital influence of the FSM is on the connection between the customer and the organization. The field service management system supports the employees all across an organization’s hierarchy in engaging with the customers using innovation. Customer experience is improved in this way.

An automated system enhances integrity and consistency across the operations because a similar experience is provided to the customers. In case a technician is running late, another individual can be assigned the task by communicating the matter quickly through the system.

Customers are also expecting such systems to be part of the businesses. According to the studies, almost 89% of customers prefer to see modern technology when interacting with such companies. Some are also willing to pay premium prices for the services. In this regard, innovation is becoming an essential component of businesses.

FSM and Employee Empowerment

Another reason why FSM technology is preferred by businesses is that it improves the way workers deliver their tasks. Field service workers can act as a hub of knowledge, answering the queries of the customers efficiently. They can be the primary contact for customers, increasing efficiency in the service chain.

This is also because customers can get answers quickly without having the service workers contact other employees to get information and then communicate it to the customers. Technicians can access the same pool of information, like sales data and customer service tickets, to serve the customers.

FSM Across Industries

With the incorporation of FSM technology, many industries have been able to improve their operations. For example, manufacturing and retail industries have to manage the transportation activities efficiently. This can be achieved by features such as scheduling and dispatching available in the system.

Similarly, engineering and construction firms have to track their operations to ensure the project is going as planned. In this regard, job progress and maintenance needs can be easily monitored. Health care is another industry where FSM can be used, bridging the distances between nurses, doctors, and patients.

Moreover, telecommunication companies also rely on vehicle tracking and scheduling features to deal with the customers’ complaints and make up for the missed appointments. Last but not least, package shipping enterprises and logistic companies use FSM for increasing driver productivity. Other industries also rely on this technology to make the best of the available opportunities and decrease operational weaknesses.

FSM Software

Benefits of FSM Software

A field service management software offers various benefits for the employees, making it an integral part of the operations. Recognition of these benefits is essential to make sure that you know exactly how the software will be improving your processes. Here are some of the critical benefits of employing field management software in your business operations:

  1. Improved communication
    It can be really difficult to keep everyone in the loop and communicate effectively if the teams are located far away. However, with FSM software, automated communications are more possible. Such communication can remind the team about essential tasks, communicate updates to the customers, and keep the management aware of the field’s operations.
  2. Enhanced service processes
    FSM software can make it easier for businesses to do repetitive tasks without the need for manual labor. While the software caters to all the routine tasks, the field service workers can focus on their actual responsibilities.
  3. Access to information
    There is no doubt that data availability is crucial for the teams to make efficient decisions. A service management software makes it possible for the teams to check their schedule, access customer information, and get all the necessary details.


Benefits of FSM App

While the benefits of a field service software cannot be overstated, there are some added perks of using a field service management app. Mobile computing can enhance productivity, increase customer service, and streamline work operations. However, mobile software can make management easy on the go.

Teams can easily access important information from remote locations without requiring any particular hardware to use the system. Mobility can enhance the first-time-fix rate while reducing administration costs. It can provide real-time analysis of all the work status using mobile, reduce billing cycles, and secure the e-audit trail.

The link between the offsite and onsite data, together with the extent of its reach to the customers, can all prove beneficial for the entire organization. As mobile users are increasing across the globe, an FSM App is genuinely revolutionary.

Features of Field Service Management Software

There are various features in a field service management software that make its core functionality. Understanding these features can help you to realize why this software is vital for your operations.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Smooth operations require efficient scheduling. FSM is also known as an appointment scheduling software because it makes it possible to set the schedule of the workers, reschedule the jobs even at the last minutes, and keep track of everything without the need for pen and paper. FSM software can also provide information regarding the availability, location, and skill level of the individuals to help in assigning the jobs. Once the job is scheduled, the technicians can be notified about it.

Quote Management

The built-in quoting system makes it easier for the customers in online appointment scheduling. Technicians can provide quotes to the customers, apply special pricing and taxes, send emails to customers, and add job tasks through the portal. Accordingly, the entire administration process can be streamlined, ensuring efficient services to the customers while making it easier for the field service team to undertake its duties. Since the same pool of data is available to the entire team, every customer can have a consistent experience.

Inventory Management

A crucial feature that separates field service management software from all the other technological solutions is effective inventory management. Businesses relying on field service significantly depend upon the use of inventory. Tools and repair parts, for example, are found across various warehouse locations. It is crucial to track all of this equipment, parts, or products to ensure efficiency in the operations. This can be attained by relying on the inventory management feature, which can improve the flow of the business.

Mobile App

FSM software usually provides the mobile-first interface and cloud-based features, so the teams can manage their operations from remote locations as well. Using an FSM app, technicians can view their scheduled jobs easily from their phones. As already stated, the mobile application of the FSM can make it possible for the service team to manage its duties on the go. Remote teams can communicate with each other while customers can interact with the business from their mobiles.


Customers are central to all the businesses, regardless of their aims, objectives, size, and nature. In this regard, the FSM is concerned with enhancing customer relationship management. By bringing all the customer data in one place, FSM makes it easier for the field team to provide efficient customer service. Information like invoices, previous quotes, and visits can be easily accessed. Pictures and data, such as signatures, can be attached to the account of a client as well.


The reporting feature of the system makes it possible for the business to make value-added decisions using analytical reports. Data can be leveraged by identifying key performance indicators, work progress, and the overall performance of the teams. This business intelligence feature helps the managers to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their operations, eventually supporting them in identifying new opportunities and reducing the impact of the risks on businesses. User-friendly reports can be generated in real-time by the entire team.

Engineer Schedule/Job scheduling

Managing your teams can be difficult if they are located in faraway locations, or there is a particular emergency. But with the mobile workforce management feature of the FSM software, you can easily schedule jobs, check job statuses, evaluate customer service history, and see the unplanned jobs all through a single click. In this regard, workload management can also become easier while ensuring that your talented team is available to provide its services to the right customers on time without any snag.

Time Tracking

As a full-fletch workforce management software, FSM technology makes it easier to keep track of the entire team. With the precise analysis of time, as well as cost, the technology allows the management to see information, such as the check-in and check-out of the team, traveling time, break time, and the duration required to complete a task. This information can improve the efficiency of the team, enhance workplace productivity, and evaluate the performance of all the individuals quickly.

Billing & Invoicing

With the billing and invoicing feature, you can create, manage, and update the invoices of the customers and vendors easily. Using the automated email notifications, customers can be reminded about the payment while the team can be informed about the progress of the billing process. Auto email templates can be used to create invoices at a fast pace, ensuring efficient customer service. Invoices can also be generated to the teams instantly once the assigned tasks are completed.

Map & Geolocation

Businesses require knowledge of their on-field employees in order to see where they are located, how they are conducting their duties, and whether the work is progressing efficiently or not. With the real-time employee location tracking, the FSM technology can be used to monitor the positions of the workers on the map in a convenient manner. Identification of their positions can also help in evaluating their work progress.

Document Management

An efficient FSM also makes it possible to manage business documents and sheets from a single platform. You can easily collect, use, and store all the information by tracking the documents from one window, synchronize everything, and reduce the chances of errors. You can also create folders, upload various file formats, and keep everything completely secured with the document management feature. This makes the field service management system a full-fletch software that can ease the entire service system of the business.


Many field service management systems come with additional features that can help the business substantially. One such feature is e-signature that makes it easier to sign important documents. E-signatures of vendors, customers, and employees can be stored in the system, which can then be employed when finalizing essential documents. In this regard, operations can become more timely and efficient without any chances of errors.


Everything that you need to manage and organize your business can be provided by the field service management system. If your business is mainly concerned with activities on the field and customer relationships, then this software can make everything a breeze. From the creation of invoices to job scheduling, field service software is what you need to enhance the proficiency and productivity of your organization.


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