Document management

Manage all your documents and sheets from a single platform, getting rid of all the hindrance between your business and its success

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Document Management

Your business may produce tons of documents every day. Information and data are central to business decisions, making it ever so crucial to keep all the records organized and well-managed. But doing so can be very tedious. You can’t go on to create a folder over a folder for different documents on your laptop only to leave it unsecured.

And what if you need access to important documents, but don’t have the device in which they were stored? Not anymore, as GenicTeam’s Document Management feature makes it easy for our users to save documents, create folders, upload different file formats, and keep everything ironclad secure on a single platform.

Now you can manage the way your business collects, store, and use information. You can keep track of all the documents from one window, allowing synchronization, easy accessibility, and minimal chances of errors.


Users level access

We offer multiple user access to allow user or users to view updates and erase details that he or she controls or share data to other members and alternatively grant or limit access to other users.

Option to create folders

You can create and customize folders as per your needs, filtering out and combing those with similar fields and characteristics together.


Upload different file formats

Our Field Management software supports all file formats to ensure accessibility across all platforms.

Secure folder options

Not that our software is not secure itself but certain files and documents necessitate a double lock and that is why we have a secure folder option embedded within our system to give you the peace of mind.


Sharing folder/file option

Share a file or a folder with your workforce or your clients with ease with the help of our share option.

Common data sync

ever lose track of your data and sync all the existing data onto our software to ensure a reliable backup and ease of work on your end as well.


Third Party Integration

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*70% Grant

GenicDocs-Document Management Software