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Field Service Trends and Predictions

October 10, 2021

The people who use the services of field technicians are probably not aware of how much technology goes into scheduling one job and ensuring that the technician reaches the customer on time. Most ordinary people only see the person who comes and connects their Wi-Fi. They will never know how difficult it is to handle all the job requests that come to a company how the company must allocate the right technician for the right job and make a profit out of the job. Field service has become highly competitive with every company trying to keep its customers as satisfied as possible.

How The FSM Software Helps Companies?

The field service management software helps companies manage their service jobs and technicians very efficiently. The system can help schedule the jobs as and when the requests are received in such a way that the technicians can attend to as many calls as possible in a day. The software can automatically assign the right technician for the right job and at the same time inform all the parties about when the service will be done. Customers can also be ready for the job when the technician arrives. The software can be programmed to send a reminder to the customers when the service is about to be done.

Another feature of the system is that it guides the technicians to use the best routes to reach each customer using the map feature. This means that there is no waste of time or fuel when finding the address of each customer. The GPS feature also allows the company to keep track of their technician and ensure that they are not attending to other work in between jobs. As the technicians can see the jobs well ahead in their app, they can plan in a better way and be ready to leave for service jobs in the morning itself and attend to the maximum number of calls.

Because of the constant need to improve service and reduce expenses in service jobs, the field management software is changing regularly. New technologies are being included in the system to make it more efficient. There are a lot of improvements you can expect in the system in the coming years.

Cloud-Based Software FSM Apps Reduce Costs

It is the time of cloud-based apps that avoids the need for the installation of software in your system. You will not have to upgrade your hardware to install the software as it will be stored in the cloud. All you need to do is to install the field service management app on your mobile phones. The FSM will be controlled completely from mobile phones in the future. This means that your technicians can find any data that they want from an intuitive mobile app. They can also use the app to upload any report that they want to file.

The mobile app will be very helpful in communication. The technicians can use this to communicate to the office as well as to the customers. They don’t have to depend on a desktop or come to the office to file their reports. They can also communicate to the office about any urgent requirement so that they will get by the time they reach the customer’s site. The service scheduling software has the necessary components for collaboration. In the future, these collaborative capabilities will improve so much that customers will not only be able to track the technicians but will also be able to communicate with them using the app. They will be able to give a brief description of the problems so that the technician can go there fully prepared.

The Software Will Be More Customer-Oriented Software

The field management software is aimed at satisfying customers. All companies that undertake on-site service strive to achieve the maximum satisfaction for the customers through their service. This means that in future the software will be tweaked further to ensure that it is more customer-oriented than job-oriented. Companies that create the software will try to include more features that will facilitate better collaboration between the customers and the technicians instead of having to go through the office

More than the software having a good user-interface and giving the customer better user experience, the software companies will look at making the app more helpful to the customers than to the company or the technician. The app is presently aimed at making on-site service profitable and efficient for the company. There will be a shift from this and the system will become more focused on how customers can be kept happy. This may result in better apps that have customer-centric front-end, enabling 24-hour service and contracts that are more flexible.

Using Modern Technology To Prevent Breakdowns

The aim of any service company must be to ensure that machines are prevented from breaking down. This means that the company must have information about the functioning and whether there is any problem that is likely to fail the equipment. More and more field service companies will start using IoT increasingly to know the condition of the equipment. Installing IoT sensors will help the field service company to know if there is any change in the way equipment is working and whether there is a possibility of a breakdown.

There will also be increased use of AI chatbots to reduce the dependence of customers on the company for every small service requirement. AI will help the customers to do many things by themselves and get information from the company without having to talk with anyone. Data analysis is another technology that will be used to make the functioning of the company more efficient. There is a huge amount of data that is generated and this can be used for reducing operational costs, finding the best routes, and saving fuel. Use of modern technology is sure to revolutionize the job management software in the future.


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