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How to choose Field Service Management?

December 24, 2022

As a business owner, your top priority is to add productivity and efficiency to your business and the best way to do so is by automating routine operations through field service management software.

Overview Of Field Service Software

Field service management software is an ideal choice for all businesses as it helps you in achieving your business goals and increases your productivity. This software comes with countless features i.e., Automatic billing, seamless inventory management, job scheduling, etc. Moreover, it allows you to keep track of all the business operations no matter where you are.

What Is Field Service Management Software (FSM)?

Field service management software brings productivity to your business and keeps you ahead in business operations. It also assists you in work order management, inventory management, reporting and analytics, scheduling, dispatching, and much more. This software connects you with your customers, and employees, efficiently leading to improved satisfaction. You can get features of field service management software depending upon the needs of your business.

Top Field Service Management Software (FSM)

As we have discussed the importance of field service management software for a business it’s time that you should start looking for one for your business if you want to beat your competitors. GenicTeams is amongst the most sought after FSM Software that can prove to be beneficial for your business.

Why Choose Field Service Management Software?

If you want to see your business grow, then you must focus on providing exceptional customer satisfaction through the best services. All this has been made easier with field management software as it allows you to communicate with your workers in the field, manage orders, inventory, and keep up with your customer’s expectations. Once you have a software system to manage your everyday business operations You will be able to provide better services and at a faster rate.

Customer service and experience

If you want to improve your business image, then you must consider the ways to improve your customer experience so they value your loyalty. Field management software is the best way to stay loyal to your customers as it allows you inaccurate scheduling and dispatching so everything falls in place timely. Moreover, this app allows workers to stay in touch with employees in the office through a mobile app which leads to better management of work orders and scheduling. Better technician-to-office communication streamlines the process with minimal delays.

Switching to an automated system to manage field operations like job scheduling makes the work much easier and eliminates errors. Reduction in errors and on-time services is directly proportional to increased customer satisfaction.


Gone are the days when you had to manage spreadsheets to keep up with your current stock inventory. We live in a digital world that provides us a digital solution for our problems. Field management software is the ultimate practical solution for your business, that helps you in keeping better track of your warehouses and inventory. It provides you real-time information on your business’s current stock so you can place your order timely. It also gives you an idea about the demand for a product in the market which allows you to make informed decisions about restocking while saving costs.

Move to preventative maintenance

Through the analytic capabilities of this software, you can move to preventative maintenance. Field management software keeps you ahead of your business operations by warning you if there is any threat to the performance of the machine along with scheduling time-frequency based maintenance jobs. This gives the company a chance to inspect and prepare their machines way before the damage occurs. By preventative maintenance subscription plans, a company can generate greater revenue and provide better customer services.

Work order management

If your company does not have a strong and well-managed work order management system, then the orders are most likely to get lost or remain unfulfilled which leaves a negative user experience. Such problems usually arise as a result of manual paper filing systems. We know you wouldn’t want to compromise on your work order management, that’s why we bring you field management software that will create, track, and maintain all your orders throughout the organization. GenicTeams FSM Software eliminates all the technical problems that arise due to manual paperwork.

Automation is another promising benefit of this software, as it allows you to select the appropriate person to do the job with just one click. Moreover, it streamlines the office work and brings ease to your employees.

Scheduling and dispatch

Field service management software allows better coordination between dispatchers and planner. Through this software, you can schedule your workers according to their availability which will increase the accuracy of service. The more accurately a job is done, the more satisfied customers there will be, which will lead to better online reviews ultimately generating more sales for your business.

Route tracking and vehicle maintenance

Field management software comes with features that allow you to reach the exact location. So the company can provide delivery of services on time. The feature of location optimization will come up with the shortest possible route to deliver your service that will save companies costs and helps you in getting the job done way before time.

Moreover, vehicle maintenance comes with a feature that allows you to schedule preventative maintenance such as car services or oil changes to keep your service vehicle in good condition.

Who Uses Field Service Software?

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Do you wish to run your business operations smoothly? field service management software is ideal for your organization. Now let’s discuss who can use field service software.


FSM Software comes with a field service management app that keeps technicians aware of the task they have to perform in a particular field service. And when a task is completed, they can also update it through the mobile app. The schedule of daily business operations is also notified to technicians via mobile app. The benefit of this app is that it not only reduces the paperwork but also improves communication which allows providing better services. Some of the common features that you should look for are scheduling, invoicing, payments, quotes, and reservations.

Team managers

The job of a team manager is to manage all the business operations smoothly and efficiently and to keep track of technician’s movements throughout the day. With the field service management app, the managers can now keep a record of all the team members if they are working efficiently and providing the services timely. The managers can also schedule the technicians to do a job according to their capability through this app. When a manager can manage everything through a mobile app it will ultimately improve customer service and bring efficiency to the business.

Scheduling, dispatching access, contracts in quotes, payments, and team job view, are some of the features that you will find helpful accessing through a mobile app.


Logistics play important role in a field service or any business for that matter, you’re required to schedule the tasks and meet the timelines. The field service management app allows the dispatcher to automate the scheduling which saves their time. While getting FSM mobile app customized, look for the features such as organization by technician specialty, automatic text notifications, drag, and drop scheduling, and automated scheduling.

Finance and Accounting

Finance staff must be aware of all the activities that are taking place to keep up with the accounts, they do so by receiving automatic notifications and reminders. Besides, field service management app digitalizes the payment process and it also generates automatic payroll for employees.

Features to look for are mobile payments, payroll software integration, and accounting and bookkeeping services.

Final Thoughts On Choosing The Right Field Service Software Solution.

Field service software brings you a variety of features to improve your business operations and bring efficiency to them. Are you ready to invest in the best field service software solution? Contact us now to get the best features for your company.


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