Top 7 Key Features of Effective Inventory Management Software

Keep Customers Happy With Timely Service

August 2, 2021

There is nothing that makes a customer dissatisfied like a delay in service. All customers expect their equipment to be repaired and serviced immediately. But most of them accept that things don’t happen that way and the company will have to schedule their service as per the time and resources available. However, too much delay can disappoint the customers and they can move to your competitor. So, you must find the earliest time for their service. Fixing an appointment in advance will allow you to use your technicians in an optimal way and ensure the satisfaction of all customers.

There are many things that you must consider when you schedule your service jobs for a customer. You must know when the people on the field will be available to attend to the particular service request. You must also find out if you have all the parts necessary for the job. You must also whether scheduling the job at a particular time will mean a waste of time for your technicians. All these things must be considered before scheduling a service. Once you have considered all these then you can fix an appointment with the customer.

Difficulties In Appointment Scheduling

Why is it that you must necessarily have an appointment scheduling software to fix your service appointments for various customers? This is because there are too many things to consider before you fix an appointment. When you receive a service request from a customer you must consider the pending jobs, the availability of the technician, the availability of parts, etc. When you look at all these manually and fix an appointment there could be errors. You will also have to hold the customer for a long time to check all the details and give them an answer.

When you don’t use the software, you could miss a couple of customer appointments. Suppose the requests came as a text message you may forget about it and miss fixing a schedule for the customer. This will result in a very dissatisfied customer. If you miss a couple of appointments, your company’s reputation will be damaged. When doing manually you could also allot a job to a wrong technician. You may also miss scheduling the fleet for the delivery of parts. To avoid all these, it is essential to use the appointment scheduling software for small businesses.

Book More Clients In The Available Time

With the best appointment scheduling software for small businesses, it is possible to have more appointments in the available time. When you use the software, you can know exactly how much time you need for each appointment as you can calculate the travel time also using the software. This will allow you to make the plan for a day in a better way and include more customers. When you service more customers, you have more satisfied customers and you earn more money by doing more jobs.

With the online appointment scheduling software, you can also use your technicians in a better way. The software helps you to allocate the job in a better and the technicians spend lesser time traveling between customers. This means that they spend more time with the customers doing their jobs and keeping the customers happy. You will also save money on fuels as the technicians travel lesser to do more jobs.

Keeping Everyone In The Loop

One of the other major advantages of the online appointment scheduling software is that you can keep all the people informed when the appointment is scheduled. Even the customers can be informed of when their work will be done as you send a message to the customer from the app as soon as the appointment is fixed. The technicians will also know what appointments they must do in a day and this will help them plan better. They will be able to leave the office earlier and finish more jobs as they have the plans in hand as soon as the appointment is fixed.

When you keep all the concerned people informed, the store will also be ready with the parts. They will know in advance what parts are necessary and make arrangements to source the same if they are not available. When they know the schedule in advance they can also check for parts and inform you if there will be a delay. You will be able to warn your customers of the delay in advance instead of at the last moment. Using the online appointment scheduling app will help you have more happy customers.

The software allows you to view the schedules for a week or month on a single screen. This will give you an idea of the volume of work and your earnings for the week.


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