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Manage Your Field Service Work Easily

November 2, 2021

Any company that is involved in providing service to customers at their sites can tell you how difficult it is to keep all the customers happy by providing them timely service. It is not easy to manage so many people on the field and make sure that they attend to the maximum number of customers in a day. Proper planning is essential to make sure that the field force makes use of their time in the best way. It is also essential to ensure that the right technicians go to the place where they can give the best service. Customers don’t like to wait too long for their requests to be fulfilled and this makes the job of the back office even more difficult. They are the ones who must note the different requests made by the customers and make sure that the service personnel visit them quickly and solve their problems.

Software To Manage Your Field Operations

A company with few customers and not many field personnel may probably be able to manage their field operations manually. Even then there are bound to be mistakes. One person has to receive the requests from the customers and enter these into a spreadsheet. During the process, there are bound to be errors in the nature of the request, the time of the call, or the name of the customer. Such errors can be very costly for the company. But if the company has many customers and field personnel then it is almost impossible to manage all the customer requests and ensure proper execution of the jobs. This is where the field service management software helps in a big way.

The field service management software in Singapore has helped many companies to streamline their field operations and ensure that every customer is serviced properly. The software helps in scheduling the jobs and sending the right person to the customers. The customers’ calls will be properly recorded along with the time and nature of the complaint. The software will also automatically allocate the right technician for the job. It will manage the schedules in such a way that the technicians can attend to more calls in a day. With a map and GPS integrated it can even suggest the best routes to follow to save money and fuel. The software can also inform the customers of the approximate time of arrival of the technicians and their details.

Improving The Efficiency Of Your Field Personnel

It is not easy to ensure maximum efficiency from your field technicians unless you can plan their jobs perfectly and make sure they attend the maximum number of calls. The field service management app helps your field force to reduce their idle time and use their time on the field in the most effective manner. The customers can directly input their requests in the app which will be updated in the technicians’ interface. The software will automatically schedule the customer service which all the parties can know. The technician will know his work for the day in advance, which will help him or her plan properly without any waste of time. The customers can get updates on the app about when the service personnel is arriving for the job. This will help them prepare for the work and save the time of the technician.

Using the app can help increase the number of customers attended in a day. The app can help track the technicians and know where they are. If there is another customer request from the area where a technician is working, then the job can be attended by the same technician instead of calling someone else. This will save a lot of time and fuel. It will also mean that the customers will be happy about getting quick service. The job management software is also a good way to keep track of your technicians and see their efficiency. The software helps to assess the work of each of your employees and inform you about the returns they provide to the company. You can also see if they are attending to the jobs properly or deviating from work.

Improve Customer Satisfaction And Cash Flow

Companies give a lot of importance to customer satisfaction and there is nothing better than ensuring proper service to them. With the field service management system,you can make sure that every customer is properly and promptly attended to. The customers will have complete information about how their requests are being processed and when the technician will reach them. The system also helps you improve your cash flow as the invoice can be prepared on the app by the technician and sent to the customer as soon as the work is completed. This will ensure prompt payment.


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