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Why Should You Know About Field Service Management?

June 2, 2022

If you’re associated with the world of enterprises in any way or have an interest in business, chances are you may have come across the term ‘Field Service Management.’ Have you ever wondered what that means? Don’t worry, because this blog will be your guide to everything and beyond about Field Service Management. Let’s dive and see it for yourself!

What is Field Service Management?

It is a dream for every entrepreneur or business person, despite the scale of their work, to have an efficient, cohesive, and interconnected system in which one aspect correlates to the other.

FSM makes that possible by digitalizing the field operations and letting them correlate with one another. It allows a person to group the field resources to one convenient place, manage duties, track vehicles, receive job status, integrate quotation, and control several other aspects.

Due to its popularity, numerous Field Service Management Software companies have emerged in a quest to ease your life and automate your workflow.

Key Functions of field service management software

Field Service Management software uses a cloud-based network, easily accessed at any time to overlook and supervise the field resources. It empowers the entrepreneur to precisely check, manage, and improve his team’s work by identifying the loop-wholes.

The primary functions of a field service management software are:

Manage Tasks

Any Software prioritizes an entrepreneur’s convenience by allowing him to assign, manage, schedule, and overlook the team’s duties and ensure if they are being worked on.

Track Vehicles

Tracking vehicles allows enterprises to become precise and exact in their workflow and improve their overall performance.

Quotation Building

All the top-notch Field Service Management software’s contain the functionality to create quotations, keeping everything automated without manually filling pages.

Benefits of Field Service Management system

The Field Service Management system has changed the way industries operated and managed their workflow. It has added a new dynamic that things must be inter-connected and easily accessible.

Some of those are:

Get Digital

Gone are those days now that you needed a paper for every other information. Something which could easily be lost, after all the hard work! Paperwork takes a heavy toll on your efficiency, time management, and potential to yield in the least time.

A Field Service Management system is a remedy for that, as it allows every field operation to be controlled by a few clicks. It takes the burden off your shoulder of having to skim through pages and then find that one specific piece of information you needed. Since everything is digital, you can easily create and supervise documentation while leaving your energies for other tasks.

Work Order

You can say goodbye to the pain associated with assigning work to your team. With all the information grouped in one place, everyone is equally associated with the workflow, and thus your time, managing work orders is significantly curtailed.


This system makes it a breeze to be in proximity of your team, without physical interaction. You can dispatch people effectively, while your team can be closely linked to those appointments.

No more disorganization

Disorganization is a nightmare for any entrepreneur. The field Service management system ensures that everyone is on the same page, despite the magnitude of work coming in.

Benefits of Field Service Management app For Businesses

Wide Access

With a Field Service Management App, you can manage all the aspects discussed before, from anywhere through your phone. You can be sitting a thousand miles away and still manage your company’s performance.


This app adds an aspect of transparency to the entire workflow. With everything being a few clicks away, everyone performs to the best of their ability.

Best way to optimize field service management software

Real-Time Tracking and Information

With real-time tracking and information, field agents, leaders, and supervisors can create custom dashboards, suiting a person’s work and current job status. With communication, they can converse and share important information.

Customer Benefits

With self-service portals, customers can enjoy a more rapid and efficient experience. They would not have to wait for their orders to be processed and updated while they can also connect with you and share feedback.

Field Agents

Customer benefit integration will mean that field agents will be able to lower costs and upsell more services.

Having a native app or web

This would directly translate to the fact that field agents will have more access to customer information, preferences, needs, and behaviors. They will be able to log notes, watch inventory, and not leave the service call site. At the same time, the customer will be able to order more efficiently and track them effectively.

Essential Features of field service management

There are certain features that are essential for any field service management system. They are:

First-Time Fix Rate (FTF)

This refers to the number of times your field agents or team members addressed your customer’s problem on the first visit. A field service management system that lets you track this easily is usually a good one, as it enables businesses to become empires.

Mean Time to Service (MTTS)

It is a metric that tells the mean number of times your team takes a call, schedules, and visits the site. Its presence in a field service management system will ensure that you can monitor your team’s efficiency.

What is the use of field service management system?

The Field Service Management system has numerous uses in the world. Today, it is considered integral for all businesses to have a quality field service management system.

Technician Productivity

Businesses use Field Service Management systems to empower their team with real-time knowledge about the orders, scheduling, and customer experience.


Automation brings growth that is never possible through manual means. Having a FSM System means your business has taken the first step towards prosperity, as you are in the most enhanced version of monitoring.

Deliver Better

Your customers determine your success, right!? An efficient system puts you in a better position to optimize their experience by adopting techniques that spring from the system’s loophole identification.

No more Double entries

Field Service Management Solution entails eliminating double entries from the system since everything is centralized— your entire team is on the same page, governed by actual happening and not mistakes.

A productive team

Elimination of manual workloads will mean that your team can focus on more intense workflows within the group, which possess the ability to have a more generous contribution to your success.


Therefore, there lives no room for error in mistaking that the Field Service Management system is useless. Many businesses have tasted success through its integration, and yours can too. With Genic Teams, you can avail yourself solutions that will contribute and become building blocks of your company’s success. You can be sure of getting results that exceed your expectations, something only possible because of our state-of-the-art workflow tailored suited to your company.

Improving the team’s efficiency is crucial if you are eyeing the industry for the long-term, and we will help you do precisely that. Make the right choice! The future is in your hands!


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