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Field Management Software Will Help You Save Money

December 2, 2022

Keeping control of operational costs is an important component of every business. You can only meet your business goals and generate profits when your soft costs are controlled. And it can only be done if you have an effective plan to run your everyday business operations. By bringing automation to your business and integrating software solutions to handle your business is a great way to save money. The field service management software streamlines your activities and cuts the need for additional staff, and that makes it a cost-effective solution. No matter what type of business you are running, the field service management system is your one-stop solution to bring productivity and efficiency to your business. Want to know more about this software? Let’s dive into the details and discuss how you can save costs by switching to field service management software.

What Are Soft Costs?

Understanding the concept of soft cost and the hard cost is important as it will help you in controlling cash outflow. Soft costs are intangible costs that are indirectly associated with the completion of a task or project whereas, hard costs are the ones that are spent directly on the commencement of the project. You can’t complete a project without taking soft costs into account. For instance, the cost spent on the management of staff or team coordination in the field is classified under soft costs.

Know About The Role Of Field Service Management Software?

From better coordination to easing business operations and bringing automation, a field service management system brings countless benefits to your business. If you wish to increase the productivity of your employees and run your business operations smoothly then you must consider GenicTeams FSM software, as it comes with promising features such as

  • Scheduling and reporting
  • GPS tracking
  • Field service management mobile app
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Communication with clients

All of the above-stated features will help in the growth of your business by many folds. For instance, the scheduling system will bring a reduction in soft costs by analyzing your existing schedules and coming up with suggestions according to the availability of the employees. An efficient schedule will save you time and money.

How Genic Teams Can Help You Save Money?

GenicTeams provide you with field service management software that will reduce your soft costs and help you in organizing your field task efficiently.

Those days are long gone when you had to depend on lists and spreadsheets to schedule tasks, as field service software brings digitalization and automation into your business. Why compromise on the success of your business when you have our field service software to your rescue? You can rely on our FSM software to cut your soft costs as our software comes with promising features.

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Know About Genic Teams Mobile App

Running a field business isn’t easy at it comes with countless challenges each day and keeping up with those challenges defines your success. With Field Service Management App you can keep track of the movement of your employees and stay in touch with your technicians on the field. The mobile app allows the technicians to assess any information right from the field which saves them from unnecessary visits to the office. When the technicians can work more independently, it will ultimately reduce your soft costs. Whether you are running SME or own a big organization, a Field service management system will help cut the costs of running your business. Apart from saving time and money, the field service software improves user experience by 10 times which leaves a positive impact on your business.

Following are some of the benefits of our software system.

Data Propagation and Transfer

Technicians working in the field need real-time information updates, better communication, and collaboration to perform well. Without the help of a mobile App, it becomes almost impossible to let your technicians know about the inventory. A mobile app allows your technicians to keep up with the records and documentation.

GenicTeams mobile app is specially designed to bring efficiency to your fieldwork by updating your technicians about their schedule, inventory, and much more.


If you rely on manual ways to run your field service business, you will never be able to meet your goals. We live in a world where things change rapidly and if you want to beat your competitors and satisfy your customers then you must stay ahead of time. To notify your technicians in the field, and to keep up with every move they make in the field, you must switch to digital ways. Imagine having software that will help you in reaching your goals and let you have insight into the performance of every employee? Field Service management software is your answer. It brings automation, which is the only way to better and faster communication. Besides, it also has a positive impact on your planning and performance.

Switch From Spreadsheets To Field Management Software

Are you currently relying on excel to keep up with your inventory and other records? It’s time you should switch to our field service management system and use efficient and better record-keeping methods. We cannot deny the fact that Excel comes with great features such as calculating quotes, invoices, creating complex workbooks, and much more but alone, it can never be efficient enough to manage your business. You may be relying on excel because of its ease of use but know that excel can never run your field service teams effectively.

No doubt that managing your data on spreadsheets is a cheaper solution but if you look at the bigger picture it will cost you much more as compared to the software. Moreover, you can never eliminate the chances of errors

Faster Invoice And Billing, More Profit

Field service software also come with the feature of automated invoicing, which streamlines the process of invoicing. It allows the technician to generate an invoice right from mobile app, as soon as the job is done. Once the invoice is generated, a copy is sent automatically to the accounting department. This feature saves time for your employees and eliminates the chances of error and improves your business profits.

Field service management software at GenicTeams is designed specially to help you save costs on every step of your business. From scheduling, dispatching, communication, and invoicing, our software has got it all covered. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to fulfill your business goals. Reach out to us today to get a software solution at affordable rates. We are looking forward to being a part of your success journey.


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