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Improve Work Conditions & Business Outcomes with Mobile Workforce Management

January 30, 2023

A mobile workforce is a workforce of employees who are not available at a physical location or office space. This includes workers such as technicians, drivers, and many more. Basically, these people are called field service workers.

Nowadays, the number of workers who are mobile is expanding increasingly in many industries. These deskless employees do deliveries, perform installations and product maintenance, and provide services to customer home, offices, or where they want to be.

It becomes crucial for businesses to learn how they will manage their Mobile Workforce Management effectively while also giving the best experience to employees.

Why is Mobile Employee Experience Different?

We all know that the mobile employee experience is quite different. But how?

When an employee has a desk or phone and goes to work so they can see posting info on board. Not only this, but they can also communicate with the other employees in the office. But on the other hand, mobile employees have all the same needs just like traditional employees with different experiences. They do interactions through digital connections with the company people.

That’s the reason why the mobile employee experience is different!

Benefits of Using Workforce Management Software

workforce management software

There are many companies that are investing in Workforce Management Software that improve the end-to-end process. As a result, they receive better visibility of the mobile workforce, improved communication, data-driven business insights, and optimized how workers spend their time. This is not enough; there is a lot more!

Below, we are mentioning some benefits for your mobile employees:

Better Communication

Your mobile employees always are connected with each other, office, or fixed location employee with the help of the right mobile workforce system solution. With just a single press of a button, they will update or share the status, let the customers know, and provide last-minute changes to the schedule.

They can also access the client history before arrival, so they are always prepared with the necessary things to deliver excellent service. This software streamlines and simplifies the process that helps your employees feel more like part of the company.

Minimize the Travel Time

This problem occurs many times and when your employees don’t know the right route. But with the help of this system, you can optimize the route to help employees to spend less time on the road. Doing this will prevent late arrivals, and reschedule and also reduce customer inconvenience.

A good Mobile Workforce Management system helps you to provide optimized and updated routes to your mobile workers in one centralized location. As a result, it will reduce stress, travel expenses, and downtime. This will also save you time so that your workers focus on providing quality customer service.

Enhance Job Satisfaction and Employee Retention

Employees are the best asset of a company, and replacing them is quite costly. That’s why it’s important to provide your mobile workforce with what they require to complete the job. This is where Service Management Software comes in handy.

With the help of this system, it can keep the history updated with the latest information that helps your employee to respond in a customized way to meet your customer needs. Feeling effective, connected, and support that helps you build employee satisfaction and retention.

Increase Employee Productivity

As we know, the manual process can be frustrating and time-consuming to manage the workforce. But with the help of a mobile workforce system, it will automate various routine tasks such as scheduling, collecting field data from customers, filling out timesheets, etc.

When an organization implements the software is able to perform various things:

  1. Easily match the right skill set worker to the right customer.
  2. Keep and maintain more scheduled appointments.
  3. Don’t need to maintain more time-consuming spreadsheets.
  4. Alleviate frustration while searching for information.

This system will improve your employee experience by reducing stress.

Build Brand Loyalty

An organization that wants to build brand loyalty must support staff in delivering customer value. In this highly competitive market, value means you need to provide improved experience and superior outcomes. This is where mobile workers play a significant role.

This is why it’s important to create a work environment that empowers your mobile workers with the tools they require to succeed. As we know, satisfied employees are more likely to deliver thoughtful, attentive, and quality customer service.

With mobile workforce software, your workers are already prepared with the necessary information, equipment, and system to serve better and satisfy customers. Your business will reap the benefits of enhanced brand loyalty and better business outcomes.

Real-Time Schedule Update Enhance Agility

Robust mobile Service Management Software provides real-time schedule updates that avoid the situation of mobile workers showing up for last-minute cancellations. Besides, they can be alerted when other workers need support or when the job is running long, and they need to attend the next appointment.

But this software will enhance your agility to respond in an agile way to the circumstances that happen continuously, increase operational efficiency, and help you maintain your competitive edge.


Now, it’s clear that companies that utilize modern solutions to support their employees will reap the benefits of better customer service, efficiency, and productivity. So, it’s important to find the right software that match your business requirements!

With Genic Teams Workforce Management Software, your company and mobile workers are able to communicate seamlessly, build brand loyalty, improve customer service, and enhance productivity and efficiency. As a result, you are able to create an engaged mobile workforce and provide stellar service!


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